Switching to M12 L-coded Power Connectors and what it Signifies for You

As multiple factory machines are connected through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), companies could soon bolt into a major problem. have you felt this shift: the promise of refined productivity from these connected machines producing more data demands additional power and space on your factory floor.

That is why the M12 L-coded Power Connectors have been selected by the PROFINET User Organization as the new standard for 24-volt power supply systems used in PROFINET devices. In the current PROFINET guideline “PROFINET Cabling and Interconnection Technology,” two round connectors with screw connections are specified for the 24-volt power supply, in addition to a push-pull rectangular connector.

This new guideline, scheduled for publication in April 2017, will replace these two variants with the L-coded M12 Power Connectors.  M12 L-coded Power Connectors are an extension of the current IEC standards. The most important thing  about these connectors is that they are smaller than the common market-standard of 7/8”, while delivering more power.

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