PatchPro® DCIM

PatchPro® Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

With a Strong IT focus, PatchPro® Achieves Granular Connectivity vs Traditional DCIM Solutions

Administer your facilities assets and PUE with unprecedented visualization and access to your connected network infrastructure, connectivity, and components.

Access Racks, Assets, Rack Units & Ports

Front and rear-front, back-front and back-rear, and side view

Access & Work on Multiple Rack-Rows

Multiple racks and rack-rows can be placed in view

Drag & Drop New Assets & Components

Drag and drop components, servers, switches, PDUs, SFPs, patch panels and more from your asset library.

View & Connect Free & Used Ports

Green – free port

Red – connected port

View Connections & Patches

Visualize patch cables connected within the rack.

Map Connectivity & Cross-Connects

View front and rear patches, and cross-connects between racks.

View Multiple Objects & Map All Connections in ConnectView

End-to-end connectivity down to the wire, ConnectView maps any object’s (PC, Server, Switch, cable, port, etc.) path from start-to-finish in unprecedented detail

Create Patches & Cross-Connects by Clicking on Free Ports

Multi-Patch Connections Between Active & Passive Objects

RackView Displays Variable Attributes from the Database