IT-OT Convergence and Conflict: Who is Responsible for ICS Security

Who is responsible for industrial cyber security in your organization? Whether it is Information Technology (IT) or a cross-functional ICS operations and process control group – often labeled Operations Technology (OT) – they possibly have incompatible approaches to resolving cyber security risk.

To both secure ICS and reap the productivity benefits of IT-OT convergence, the industrial cyber security program must be recognized as a cross-functional lifecycle and journey. IT and OT must work together for either team to be successful.

Pre-internet, the line between IT and OT was quite clear. Today, that line has been unclear. Technology can potentially permit connectivity to nearly every device on the plant floor and out to field locations. And it’s also connecting IT and OT in new ways too.

IT and OT are very different organizations that have begun to converge. This blog addresses one of the many causes of their conflict and how to start resolving the growing pains.

IT and OT Resisting Convergence

IT and OT are resisting convergence occuring all around them says Luigi De Bernardini, CEO of Autoware, an MES and smart manufacturing automation firm in Italy. When working with clients in large manufacturing automation projects he finds that “many manufacturers still see strong resistance to bringing information and operational technologies together, with mistrust coming from both sides.”

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