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Connecting the Internet of Things

Featured Products

PatchPro® SaaS

Intelligent Physical Layer Management

One Single Platform for all Data

SaaS solution for iPLM (intelligent physical layer management) and DCIM (Datacenter infrastructure management solution), fit for the purpose for Southern African enterprises, their facilities, networks, and technology.

– Assets and Infrastructure Management

– Facilities Management

– Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

– Technology Management and IoT

– Big Data and AI

Create and build Smart Assets and your Digital Enterprise

Snapt® ADC

Balance & Accelerate the Application Layer

Next-gen Application Delivery

Snapt is the load balancer, web accelerator, and WAF that’s going to supercharge your network.

Snapt offers an ADC that’s radically different. Keeping ADC functions out of the way of the modern engineer – everything should just work!

Add real value by focusing on what you need: performance metrics, pro-active monitoring, alerting, profiling and more.

The ADC solution you’ve always wanted! Snapt is the ultimate load balancer, web accelerator and application firewall for DevOps, cloud and virtualized deployments.


Enterprise & Industrial Cybersecurity

The Most Trusted Products in Cybersecurity

Protect against cyberattacks with the industry’s best foundational security controls. Detect threats, identify vulnerabilities and harden configurations in real time with Tripwire.

Ebook – Mastering Security Configuration Management

Ebook – Navigating Industrial Cybersecurity


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