Using an Adaptor as a Single Connection – It’s Possible!

Pre-terminated solutions is an admired choice for the fixed portion of a cabling channel (reaching from the access switch patch panel to the server cabinet patch panel, for example) – and with good justification.

Pre-terminated cable makes installation swifter and easier, with a plug-and-play methodology behind it. It can be installed by a wide variety of people all with various levels of skills or experiences since field termination is not necessary; instead, terminations are completed at the factory, and then verified and validated for reliability and performance before they leave. This allows field troubleshooting and testing during installation to be kept to a minimum. Pre-terminated solutions also result in less jobsite waste material to clean up.

These pre-terminated cables can be packaged together in groups of six or eight to create an assembly that installs as one, allowing installers to pull multiple cables at one time to move project installation along faster.

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