Tripwire Configuration Manager

Tripwire Configuration Manager

Protect Your Cloud Accounts with Tripwire Configuration Manager

Monitor and enforce secure configuration policies across your multi-cloud environment.





Is Your Organization Moving to the Cloud?

Tripwire Configuration Manager is a SaaS solution designed to simplify the monitoring, remediation, and automation of your cloud account configurations.

It delivers visibility into the configurations of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure accounts. Cloud configurations are checked against industry standards like the Center for Internet Security (CIS) AWS Benchmarks.

Intruders Attack at the Speed of Automation

Attackers use automated tools to find misconfigured AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure accounts and storage, including AWS S3 buckets. Deploy your own automated monitoring to immediately detect—and even automatically correct—misconfigurations before attackers gain an opening. Tripwire Configuration Manager (TCM) corrects human error as soon as it happens. TCM provides periodic assessment of security settings compared with industry standards, specifically the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Foundation’s Benchmarks. You are immediately alerted to non-compliant settings that could be exposing your company.

Mitigate the Biggest Risks First with Risk Scoring

Every team has a limited number of personnel to defend the network. Make sure those resources are working on the most consequential problems first. To simplify this process, Tripwire Configuration Manager estimates the risk associated with any unremediated CSP configuration errors. These risks are then placed into a prioritized order so you always know where to focus first.

Consolidate Your Secure Configuration Monitoring in One Place

Properly configuring your IT assets is a foundational control. But IT assets in the modern enterprise can be widely distributed across physical, virtual and multi-cloud environments. Tripwire gives you the ability to view the configuration and compliance status of all your assets in a single reporting environment. All results from Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire Configuration Manager can be consolidated and viewed together using Tripwire Connect, available as a SaaS at

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Tripwire Configuration Manager


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