Tripwire Apps

Tripwire Apps

Extend the Value of your Tripwire Investment with Tripwire Cyber Security App Technology.

Leverage the deep security and compliance data collected by Tripwire Enterprise to provide richer insights across your organization.





Dynamic Software Reconciliation

Patching systems is an important part of IT operations and a common source of changes detected when running file integrity monitoring solutions. However, it can extremely challenging to equate the large number of detailed, file-level changes with the intended patch.

Dynamic Software Reconciliation solves this problem by compiling a list of installed patches, then querying MS TechNet and YUM repositories to obtain the file-level manifests for each patch. These manifests are then used to reconcile the detected changes with the intended patch. This enables quick reconciliation and auto-promotion of legitimate changes, streamlining operations. It also catches additional changes made to the system that were not part of the approved patch, improving security.

Integration Framework

Organizations typically deploy disparate tools to support multiple change and configuration management processes. Use the Tripwire Enterprise Integration Framework to communicate with these systems to improve data accuracy, automate workflows, and increase operational effectiveness.

Use Integration Framework to interface with common change ticketing, incident management and change management databases. Integrate with BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, JIRA, Cherwell, CA Service Desk and more.

State Analyzer

Most compliance standards specify recommended configuration settings. Tripwire Enterprise will alert you to discrepancies, but some regulations require more. Users must provide detailed lists of the actual system settings and software to prove they are in compliance. This can be a huge, manual effort that is highly error prone.
Tripwire State Analyzer App solves this problem by reporting on all configuration settings and comparing them to your pre-defined allowlist. Quickly generate audit reports to prove compliance by listing enabled network ports, running OS services, installed software, active user accounts and many more.

Event Sender

Organizations rely on SIEMs to provide visibility to security and operational issues based on log data. This provides only half the story, however. Use Tripwire Event Sender to send change details, compliance status, and business context from Tripwire Enterprise to your SIEM application. This significantly improves your correlation and alerting capabilities, enabling you to better identify security risks and operational problems. 
Tripwire Event Sender supports leading log intelligence and SIEM solutions including Tripwire Log Center®, HP ArcSight, LogRythm, IBM QRadar and Splunk.

Console Orchestrator

Tripwire® Console Orchestrator is an easy to use configuration control utility for administrators who have to manage multiple Tripwire Enterprise Consoles. Gain visibility and enforce consistency across all networks monitored by different Tripwire consoles. Use it to help your IT organization automate the migration process from test to production environments.
Tripwire Console Orchestrator saves IT organizations time and manual effort, reduces human error and increases efficiency.

Tripwire Password Manager

Tripwire Password Manager acts as an information broker between a privileged access management (PAM) solution and Tripwire Enterprise or Tripwire IP360™. Tripwire Password Manager maximizes your PAM investment by integrating it with your Tripwire solution. This allows you to retrieve credentials from the PAM, eliminating the need to manage scan credentials within Tripwire Enterprise or Tripwire IP360 directly.

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