TIA acknowledges Direct-Connect Termination Method

The industry acquired some great news: The TIA TR-42.7 subcommittee consented to incorporate modular plug terminated links (also known as “direct connect”) in a TIA-568.2-D normative annex. The annex provides assistance to IT professionals to ensure a proper direct-connect cabling arrangement. Many Belden staff are closely involved with the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), holding many leadership positions within the organization. We are constantly looking out for the ICT industry, searching for ways to boost existing technology and streamline installation – which is why we presented the issue to TIA and lead the effort to have the direct-connect termination method fully supported.

What does this mean? RJ45 modular plugs can be terminated straight onto horizontal cabling and measured in the field. It allows an assortment of devices, such as wireless access points, surveillance cameras and HDBaseT monitors, to be plugged without the need for an outlet and a patch cord.

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