Splice-On Connectors – 6 Reasons to Consider

A new connector technology combination utilizing the benefits of both fusion splicing with the simplicity of a field-installable connector to better our options for field-termination: the splice-on connector. Technicians are embracing the splice-on connector for aggressive plant environments, data centers and MDU (multi-dwelling unit) networks.

A splice-on connector uses a fusion splicer to permanently join a fiber stub inside the connector with a fiber cable. The splice is protected inside the boot of the connector, replacing the need for traditional pigtails as the splice is contained within the connector.

As splice-on connectors become more popular, here are a few reasons why you may want to consider them for your network:

1. Fewer Materials and Components Required
2. Better Insertion Loss and Return Loss Performance over Mechanical Splice Connectors
3. Installation Flexibility
4. Generic Requirements (GR) for Outdoor Environments
5. Successful-Splice Notification
6. Significant Price Decreases

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