PatchPro® Web and SPM

PatchPro® Web App & Service Planning Management (SPM)

Real-time Web Access to Your Infrastructure,
Assets and Digital Enterprise

The PatchPro® Web Application provides real-time access to your infrastructure, assets and digital enterprise on a user-friendly web-interface. This amazing feature empowers executives, managers, engineers, and other staff to access the critical information that they require and that PatchPro® delivers.

Key results:

  1. Access and visibility to all assets and infrastructure 
  2. Improve efficiency and reduce costs
  3. Empower employees and clients

Collocation Data Centers can provide access for their clients to their hosted infrastructure online.

Service Planning Management (SPM)

The SPM Application accesses the same regions, objects, and assets with their unique attributes within the database of your digital enterprise.

Facilities managers enjoy a suite of functionality to more effectively access critical information and manage the assets within the enterprise.

  1. Add vendors, people, SLA contracts, documents and other documentation
  2. Set tasks and activities for your administrators and center managers
  3. Search for and locate any asset within your infrastructure and enterprises
  4. Issue and manage service tickets and assign work orders