PatchPro® iPLM

PatchPro® Intelligent Physical Layer Management (iPLM)

Access and visualize all assets, network infrastructure, employees and their unique attributes and cost centers within your digital enterprise.

  1. Sites, regions, rooms, ducts, and infrastructure
  2. Assets, equipment, devices, and people
  3. Cost centers, free and used floor space

Network infrastructure and connectivity

  1. Cabling, patch cords, wall-jacks, cable routes, ducts, and ports
  2. View connections from start-device through the network (point-to-point) to end-device/s

Object Manager

Any asset can be drawn and converted into an object on the database and assigned its own unique set of database attributes
Easily search for and navigate to any asset and object within your enterprise
Assets are stored as objects on the database and are located within the assigned site and region

Database Manager

Customize classes, database tables and the fields of your objects and assets

The database manager provides powerful customization for regions, assets and objects.