Next Wave IIoT-Related Business Developments

Today we welcome guest blog author Greg Conary, Senior Vice President of Strategy at Schneider Electric, a Belden partner. Originally posted on Schneider’s blog, the article offers expertise we think you’ll find valuable.

Its is quite clear that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the future of industry. By now we have covered the point that IIoT is, in fact, not hype. For end users and OEMs, the IIoT, cloud and big data analytics are creating very real business opportunities.

IIoT not only amplifies the communication between machines and people – it is facilitating the next wave of value-added customized business services. ARC Advisory Group reports that 30 percent of end users and OEMs are already actively using IIoT tools or investing in projects. With OEMs for example, according to ARC, “IIoT provides new visibility that enables value-added services, competitive advantage for product design, and revenue growth. Adoption is no longer an option.”

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