ERVITAL Fire Resistant Cables

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ERVITAL Fire Resistant Cables

Fire alarm systems sit quietly in the background of connected infrastructure as people go about their daily lives. Shopping centres, hotels, offices, airports, and other types of transportation terminals are all responsible for the safety of the people that pass through them. Therefore, sophisticated fire alarm and suppression systems are required to ensure real-time dangers are alerted and addressed immediately.

In the event of a fire these critical safety systems must continue to operate, and this is where fire resistant or ‘circuit integrity’ cables play an important role. Circuit integrity cables connect sensors, alarms and other components of the fire alarm and suppression systems and feed information back to control centres.

There are a wide variety of standard and approvals required depending on the country and region, the application and environment, and at times the also the end-customers design and preference. Ensuring system integrators and contractors both select and procure cables that meet the required standards and approvals and perform accordingly is key to protecting your investments. Low-grade cables manufactured to reduce costs and that are purchased from unknown sources may not perform as expected. To safeguard against this make sure to request a copy of the test certificates specific to the cable batch your purchase came from.

The ERVITAL JE-H(St)H…Bd FE180/PH120 fire alarm cable from Erse Kablo, is manufactured with safety and quality in mind, and meet both local and international flame test standards and approvals, IEC, VDE, EN, and BS EN standards.


ERVITAL Fire Resistant Cables



Conductor IEC 60228; VDE 0295; EN 60228 Class 1
Electrolytic Copper
Insulation Cross-linked Ceramic Forming Polymer Compound
Colour Code VDE 0815
Stranding 2 pair star quad, more than 2 pairs groups in layers
Wrapping Pes Tape + Glass Fibre Tape
Screen Tinned Copper Drain Wire + Al-Pes Tape
Sheath EN 50290-2-27 HFFR Compound
Sheath Colour RAL 3000 Red or RAL 2003 Orange


Best places to use fire resistant cables:

  • Indoors where people are densely populated
  • In places where there is electromagnetic interference
  • Instrumentation and control engineering
  • Industrial electronics
  • For signal transmission
  • Indoor communication systems
  • In safety and fire alarm systems
  • In places where human life and valuable materials
    and equipment need to be protected


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