More+ Relationships – Our Brands, Partners, and Investors


JAYCOR partners with local and international OEMs, Software IPs, global leaders in distribution, and a network of system integrators to deliver a broad spectrum of connectivity, management and application delivery services and solutions. Helping industrial, broadcast and enterprise companies build and manage connected infrastructure and technologies. 

With more+ relationships in our network, we provide our customers with access to +1000 OEMs, 1,5m products and +2Bn dollars of global inventory. Making us a key strategic partner in building connected infrastructure, as we supply key services as your sourcing and supply-chain partner for almost anything and everything related to connectivity. 


Below are a few of our known favourite brands and partners, and a few noteworthy new ones too.

Belden® and LEMO® are both best-in-class industry leaders in their respective fields, and more traditionally what JAYCOR is known for distributing. Belden® is a dominant force in signal transmission solutions and connectivity, and through a vast number of strategic acquisitions now offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of available solutions for connecting, transmitting, and protecting your data signals. From factory floors to industrial, enterprise and mobile networks, data centres, gas pipelines, smart energy grids and renewable energy plants, Belden® has a solution for you: 

Belden® Brands: 

  • Belden (Connectivity solutions) 
  • AlphaWire (Cable & wire) 
  • GarrteCom (Industrial active networking components) 
  • Gepco (AV Cable, wire & accessories) 
  • Hirschmann (Industrial active networking components) 
  • Lumberg Automation (Active and passive components – process automation) 
  • Macmon secure GmbH (Cybersecurity solutions) 
  • Mohawk Cable (Network cabling and accessories) 
  • NetModule (Wireless active components – IoT) 
  • OTN Systems (Telecom active components – MPLS) 
  • PPC (Broadcast connectors) 
  • ProSoft (Active components – IoT) 
  • ThinkLogical (KVM Solutions) 
  • Tofino Security (Industrial firewalls and Cybersecurity) 
  • West Penn Wire (Cable & wire) 


LEMO® founded in 1947, brought Swiss watch-making precision to the connector manufacturing industry. Developing and engineering their own unique range of niche products, LEMO® connectors connect channels of communication to deliver next-level quality and performance for mission-critical applications. From super colliders to formula one ECUs, broadcast camera systems, military equipment and vehicles to many other applications and industries – LEMO® products perform at the highest levels. 


New into the Fold 

With three business units delivering innovative connectivity solutions, JAYCOR has evolved from a cable and connector distributor into a connectivity solutions provider that focuses on delivering complete solutions to our customers. Now supplying not only the passive channels for communication, and the active transmission components needed to send communications. We are now also a variety of software applications that protect, direct and manage your critical communications, infrastructure, and technology. 

For over 20 years, Tripwire has protected global leading organizations against the most damaging cyber attacks, adapting to rapidly changing technology complexities to defend against ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. Helping organizations build strong foundations for security, compliance, and operational excellence. Tripwire solutions deliver advanced capabilities in file integrity monitoring (FIM), security configuration management (SCM), and vulnerability management (VM). 


IoT & Beyond 

In the exciting world of the Internet of Things (IoT), a modern term that describes “everything connected”, IoT companies continue to build platforms and devices that marry real-time edge data and intelligence with technology and business. Creating next-level value-add by accessing previously unobtainable data and intelligence for monitoring, maintenance, safety, and many other commercial purposes. 

LightWare designs and manufactures the world’s smallest and lightest Micro-LiDAR (Light Radar) sensors and systems. These sensors have a broad use-case for IoT applications and solve important problems: making drone deliveries safer, monitoring ore movement in mines, counting animals in Kenya, and delivering vaccines in Malawi. With the ability to “give machines eyes”, the application for Micro-LiDAR is limited only to the engineer’s imaginations.  


Invested in Africa and with our partners 

JAYCOR is a proud portfolio company of Sanari and Moshe Capital; both award-winning South African Black Women-owned, controlled, and run private equity, investment, and consulting firms. With shared values for ethical transformation, a passion for business, and an optimistic outlook for South Africa. JAYCOR and our investors continue to build a bigger, better, stronger, and very importantly inclusive organization for all. 

To our invaluable customers whom we consider our most important partners, our suppliers, their brands, and of course our investors, and in honour of international friendship week. We take this opportunity to thank all our partners in their various forms for your continued support. We are excited to continue building and shaping future technologies and industries together. 


“What I most enjoy about the role is giving people opportunities and a space to thrive”. 

Greg Pokroy