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The Agricultural industry in Southern Africa utilizes various technologies to ensure produce is picked, packed, cooled and delivered to the consumer as quickly as possible. Harvesting and automated packaging machines require power, control and communication to deliver an effective solution.

JAYCOR’s range of products deliver quality and performance in machine building applications


Southern Africa’s extensive automotive industry faces many challenges. Ensuring a high availability, reliability and flexibility of industrial communication products for seamless automation is key to success.

JAYCOR’s range of mission critical products for the automotive industry, deliver high performance solutions to machine builders and automotive manufacturers with an extensive product portfolio and additional value added services.

This includes

Value added services

AV Broadcast

In today’s society, high-resolution digital media is more in demand for than ever before. High Definition Video and Digital Audio beams across the globe to smartphones, tablets, PCs and Monitors of all kinds, in varying formats from Serial Digital HD-SDI to 3GS-SDI, with 4K, 6K, 8K and 12K resolutions around the corner. Sports broadcasters, newscasters and radio and television networks draw viewers and listeners who demand the very best quality and uninterrupted transmission.

Professional broadcasters, content producers and (what kind of) providers are under pressure to produce and deliver a seemingly endless wave of digital content through television, radio, satellite, mobile broadband and internet infrastructures. Professional quality cabling systems and components are key to meeting these demands and are used across a vast spectrum of applications.

At JAYCOR we understand that quality signal transmission is just as important as the content being delivered, and this requires high-performance technologies, engineering, and creativity. And so we support our customers in delivering this content with minimal downtime and maximum profitability.


It is essential that cabling and transmission technologies keep pace with the increasing broadband capacity demands for higher speeds and greater volumes of data transmissions. Not only does JAYCOR supply leading cabling and connector products, we are the industry experts in end-to-end broadcast connectivity and transmission solutions. Our products and systems guarantee our customers’ signals transmit from point A to B with superior return loss performance and the lowest insertion loss available to the industry.

End-to-end connectivity solutions for all types of AV broadcast applications

Custom Solutions

JAYCOR’s ability to design and implement custom solutions ensures the delivery of high-quality signal transmission in any environment – indoor, outdoor, harsh environments and even underwater. We provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that they have invested in a reliable communications infrastructure for their application. Mission critical and reliable performance for broadcasters who know downtime is simply not an option.

Cost Conscious Connections; Having the best solution does not always mean purchasing the most high-end product or system available in the market. JAYCOR offers a wide range of products to suite more cost conscious installations and a variety of products manufactured locally in South Africa. Also by offering test and repair facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town for our customers’ existing products and systems, we help our customers extend the life of their equipment and investments.

International Partners; In partnership with global leaders such as Belden®, LEMO® and other international brands, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the very highest quality and performance products and solutions right for our customers.


Aviation demands the highest quality and performance in flawless communications systems. All wiring and connectivity must adhere to the highest standards for aviation communication applications, the industry therefore standardizes on the use Teflon insulated wiring due to the materials reliability, sustainability and excellent electrical performance characteristics.

Wire & Cable

JAYCOR’s connector consisting of our exceptional LEMO® range and other type circular connectors, delivery unrivalled performance. Connectors


Signal transmission systems within Military, Naval and Airforce applications require faultless connectivity to ensure operational effectiveness. JAYCOR provides mission critical components of the highest quality and with the highest performance in mind. Delivering seamless transmission in key communication, connectivity, power, control and signal transmission systems across land, sea and air.

Cable & Wire

JAYCOR’s connector solutions consisting of our exceptional LEMO®
range and other type circular connectors, deliver unrivalled performance.


Transmission Solutions – A wide array of solutions tailored for aggressive environments


Power generation, transmission and distribution is a vital necessity for emerging African economies, their consumers and businesses grow and thrive. Essential services, industries of all kinds and all forms of communication networks rely heavily on the power grid for smooth operations.

The infrastructure and engineering required to deliver such a vast network of services is immense. From power station to substations, to major metropolitan areas, rural areas, factories and homes.

JAYCOR supplies key components for various infrastructure’s along the power distribution and communication line. From power and control products, to key communication and connectivity solutions.

Cable solutions

Connector solutions

Substation Communication Infrastructure

Communication has always played a critical role in power systems and will become even more critical when it comes to implementing an end-to-end and two-way open communication grid infrastructure.

Smart Grids use fibreoptic communication networks and utilise industrial Ethernet applications to automate, monitor and control specific functions.


Industrial Solutions – Connectivity for Manufacturing and Processing Plants, Utilties and other Harsh Environment Facilities

Complex industrial systems such as automated manufacturing assembly lines, materials handling robotics, food and beverage machinery and many other types of industrial facilities. Usually require real-time distributed control in an organized hierarchy of varying controller systems to function. Operators monitor systems from top level Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), which are typically linked a middle layer of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) through mission-critical communications system (e.g. Industrial Ethernet). At the bottom level of the control chain is the fieldbus that links the PLCs to the components that actually do the work, such as sensors, actuators, electric motors, switches and valves.

JAYCOR is able to offer customized solutions, using a wide range of products designed to meet the latest market-standards and successfully apply leading edge technologies in industrial environments.

Industrial Cables Solutions

Industrial devices required seamless data communications and power supply to function at critical levels of the industrial process. JAYCOR’s range of industrial cables deliver stability, reliability and outstanding performance in unforgiving industrial environments.

JAYCOR’s industrial cable solutions meet and exceed the requirements for Industrial Ethernet and Bus networks, Interconnect and EIA-485 Applications, instrumentation and control cables, armoured cables, flexible automation cables, Pan Tilt Zoom CCTV, fire alarm and audio/video applications within the facilities infrastructure.

Connectivity Solutions

Physical links to devices and along the network affect the ability of the device to perform its function at its optimum level. Poor connections create un-wanted high levels of insertion loss that lead to increased faults along the communication line. EMI and RFI noise degrades signal integrity and with 40% of downtime in industrial networks attributed to the quality of the cabling system and installation.

Choosing the best connection ensures high performance transmissions. As experts in connectivity, JAYCOR offers customizable solutions tailored to the end users specification, application and environment. Together with our partners LEMO®, BELDEN®, ALLIED® and ILME®, all global leaders in the design and manufacture of connector products, give us the ability to innovate and deliver high performance sustainable solutions for industrial environments.

Connector solutions

Industrial Patch Cords

IT - Enterprise & Data Centre Networks

Enterprise & Data Centre Solutions: Faster, Easier, Better

As enterprises and data centres evolve, infrastructure managers are faced with the challenges of creating and maintaining flexible infrastructure that can support the IT requirements of today and tomorrow. JAYCOR is uniquely positioned to provide support throughout the planning, deployment and post-installation processes of infrastructure networks, helping to increase uptime and security whilst reducing operating costs and capital expenditure.

Together with our partners Belden, and their extensive experience in global enterprise networks and data centres, we understand the issues, know how to resolve them and are able to provide the right level of support. With a wide range of network products and solutions you can be certain that your projects are truly Faster, Easier, Better.

A broad portfolio from a single source supplier

Our extensive copper and fiber cable and connectivity portfolio, including Belden’s full range of enterprise and data centre specific products include enclosures, power distribution units (PDUs) and Intelligent Patching (Belden PatchPro®). These components are designed to be integrated seamlessly into a complete structured system to provide energy efficient, secure, uninterrupted availability and high-quality performance.

Belden Copper Connectivity Solutions

Belden has the end-to-end copper cabling system to meet your current networking challenges, while providing the bandwidth and scalability of the needs of the future.
Belden Copper Systems represent networking leadership at every turn, providing top performing structured cabling systems that reduce downtime, ease deployment and facilitate migration to advanced networking technologies and converged building systems. Designed with innovative technologies that provide beyond-standards performance.

10GX System Category 6A

The 10GX system is an end-to-end copper system designed with dynamic enabling technologies to support the most demanding current and future high-end applications with performance beyond the TIA/EIA Category 6A Standard. with a guaranteed 625 MHz of usable bandwidth for 10GBASE-T applications and the highest supported frequency for broadband video at 860 MHz, the 10GX Systems is an ideal long-term investment that will outlast several equipment and application upgrades. Combined with a host of patch panels, assemblies, connectors and accessories, as well as a pre-terminated system, the 10GX System is the ideal solution for any current and future data centres or horizontal cabling system.

2400 System Category 6

The 2400 System offers moderate communications performance for general business applications and transactions, including advanced file sharing and downloads. It offers a guaranteed bandwidth of 250 MHz to support 10/100BASE-T applications with enhanced, error-free Category 6 performance. With cables, modular jacks, cords, patch panels and cross-connect systems, the 2400 system is an ideal market entry solution for businesses ready for reliable end-to-end Category 6 performance.

1200 System Category 5e

For networks requiring only Category 5e performance, the 1200 System is the best performing Category 5e system available. The 1200 System exceeds all requirements for Category 5e performance with guaranteed bandwidth to 160 MHz — more bandwidth than typical Category 5e systems. Ideal for budget-conscious and short-term investments, the 1200 Systems is robust enough to support a variety of basic business application in standard environments, including basic PoE.

10GX® 1U 48-Port Ultra High-Density Patch Panels Combine Unsurpassed Density with Beyond 10G Performance

Once the proposed 10GBASE-T standard is published for unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables, the number of 10 Gigabits networks will grow quickly. The high bandwidth of 10GBASE-T is ideal for applications such as equipment distribution areas (TIA-942 Standard), data centres, or anywhere extremely high throughput is needed. such installations also represent very high-density environments. Our 10GX 1U 48-Port Ultra-density Patch Panels haven been designed for these demanding applications.
No other Patch Panels Delivered this Density and Performance

Belden Optical-Fiber Connectivity Solutions

Involved in the development of optical fiber components for over 40 years, Belden is a leading supplier of high-quality, costeffective optical fiber cabling systems. The FiberExpress (FX) Systems are the culmination of Belden’s experience and expertise in a variety of applications, including data centers, premise and campus network backbone infrastructures, fiber-to-the- desk (FTTD) applications, and horizontal and centralized cabling systems. Guaranteed to meet or exceed all applicable TIA/EIA, ISO/IEC and IEEE standards, each end-to-end FX System is designed to offer reduced complexity, increased flexibility, and rapid installation.

A Complete Approach to Fiber Optic Cabling

Belden FX Systems are available in a variety of performance levels to meet the value and price point for a wide variety of applications. Each system is uniquely color-coded for easy identification in the field.

Ultra high-density rack-mount fiber connectivity system, crafted for effortless installation and maintenance.




Belden Infrastructure Solutions

Belden — the most trusted brand for reliable signal transmission solutions — offers a complete selection of racking, enclosures, power distribution units, monitoring and air ow management products to meet your infrastructure needs for optimizing system performance. Belden has leveraged its engineering and manufacturing expertise to bring you the most reliable cable, connectivity, enclosure and active systems solutions available — with the largest selection of products and the industry’s most trusted technical support and service. Belden Infrastructure Solutions products reflects the same quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from Belden for the housing and storage of data broadcast, security and other equipment. Engineered for optimal cable routing, ease of installation and maximum convenience, Belden racks and enclosures have also been designed to match the unique requirements of various industries and applications.

This table will help you select the Belden rack and enclosure family that best suits your special application. If you need a custom design for a special application, please call us for assistance. Our Cable Management teams have many years of experience in modifying and customizing enclosure designs to suit many different requirements.

Belden Power Distribution Units - PDU

Belden offers a full range of Power Distribution Units (PDUs) including basic intelligent and monitored PDUs. In addition to maximum flexibility, the range allows data center operators to save costs and achieve maximum uptime.

As Data Center managers are embracing Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) as a key measure of efficiency, the use of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools allows them to intelligently monitor and manage the critical infrastructure of their environment. Belden PDUs can be assigned an IP address and use SNMP to send data to the DCIM for efficient consumption reporting, problem alarming, and capacity planning and forecasting. All PDUs fully complement the Belden family of networking products, and are totally com- patible with all Belden IBDN connectivity products and solutions. Used as part of a fully integrated Belden IBDN solution, in which all components work together seamlessly, they deliver superior performance and are fully supported by the most trusted name in the industry. Belden remote monitoring PDUs make monitor- ing very simple. Just access a snapshot reading of the power usage through any Internet connection. No external software is needed, and it can be monitored through SNMP (Network Monitoring Protocol), XML and HTML for easy tracking of critical data. All data is presented in a graphical format for easy analysis of trends. Alarms based on critical values are provided via SNMP traps or pre-defined emails. Intelligent monitoring PDUs allow local or remote viewing and alarms for issues that can arise at the outlet, breaker, circuit and aggregate level. With the advantage of seeing current and/or power usage feedback in an instant, the chances of overloading a PDU when adding, removing or adjusting equipment is minimized.

Maritime & Offshore

The Offshore environment is one of the most demanding and harshest environments for commercial industries to operate. Offshore vessels, luxury liners, yachts, submersibles and many other marine crafts must adhere to incredibly high safety and security standards for onboard passengers and crew. JAYCOR offers a wide variety of offshore connectivity solutions.

Cable Solutions

Connector Solutions

Transmission Solutions

Medical Healthcare

Medical healthcare professionals and practitioners rely on technology to effectively diagnose patients and save lives. And as our population continues to grow and age, the requirements for effective treatment becomes more important than ever before. In Africa, this is especially prevalent as medical institutions endeavor to deliver the best possible quality healthcare.

For medical OEM manufacturers, choosing the correct solutions when designing the latest medical device is paramount to ensuring that your product continues to earn a reputation for quality, reliability, and performance. JAYCOR’s connectivity solutions allow you to produce the critical interconnections required for signals and power — with the performance you need and the reliability you require.

Cable Solutions

Connector Solutions


The mining industry in Africa incorporates all forms of mining operations from onshore too offshore, opencast and underground. With minerals and metals blasted, ground, processed, refined and distributed across the globe for consumers and commercial industries.

JAYCOR offers a wide range of connectivity solutions suitable for such harsh environments.

Cable Solutions

Connector Solutions

Transmission Solutions

Oil & Gas

Southern Africa’s Oil & Gas industry includes upstream, midstream and downstream operations. And due to the volatile nature of the commodities themselves, and the aggressive environments in which they are mined and processed, the very highest safety and security standards do apply.

With that in mind, JAYCOR supplies the very best in high quality and performance connectivity components, a key factor in many applications within exploration, transportation and the refining processes.

Cable Solutions

Connector Solutions

Transmission Solutions

PatchPro® DCIM SaaS

One Single Platform for all Data

JAYCOR in partnership with Belden has developed a DCIM SaaS (software as a service) solution, fit for the purpose for South African enterprises, their facilities, networks, and data centers.

Our solution incorporates the well-established and highly-regarded PatchPro® DCIM software, combined with international and local expertise, experience and resources to deliver and execute a DCIM SaaS through a 24/7 managed service.


Security is an essential requirement in today’s society, and now with the IoT (Internet of Things), everything is connected and security and access control systems play critical roles in monitoring and responding to emergency situations. Security Solutions.


Radio Transmission

Fire Alarm Systems

Access Control

Enterprise networks in buildings, commercial businesses, factories and facilities of all types, encompass if not all, many of the security applications on the network. Ensure your network infrastructure is stable and reliable in performance. PoE (Power Over Ethernet) devices such as CCTV camera’s, access control devices and wireless access points on the network are powered from the network cable. This alleviates the necessity to run power cable to the device and cuts down installation time. Many low grade network cables use copper-clad-aluminum conductors and cannot provide sufficient power for PoE devices. Our Belden network cables across all categories – Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A, Cat7 and Cat8 are all manufactured with ETP (Electro-tough-pitch) copper conductors. An exceptionally high grade copper that ensures not only best return loss for network performance, but also that the power required for PoE enabled devices is achieved.

Test & Measurement

The scientific community and industries of all kinds utilize technologies in sensing, detecting, measuring and analyzing across a broad spectrum of applications. From detecting deep space radio signals to analyzing and detecting metal fractures in Oil & Gas pipelines, sensing temperatures and monitoring factory automated processes on the production floor.

With such a vast band of applications, the scientific and research communities and commercial industries across the globe, demand precision high qualities measurements. Allowing them to obtain highly accurate data to make informed decisions or discoveries. Africa’s OEM market is no different, requiring the highest quality connectivity products available to achieve success.

JAYCOR boasts one of the most comprehensive ranges of products and services to compliment such an expansive industry.

Precision Cable & Wire and Connector Solutions; within the industry, the smaller the better and JAYCOR’s range of miniature conductor cables and high density connectors suite a variety of applications

Cable & Wire

Connector Solutions

Industry proven solutions for OEM’s


Reliable traffic safety and high avail¬ability networks are a key priority in automating the trans¬port industry. JAYCOR delivers end-to-end connectivity solutions for railway stations and on-board passenger information systems. Fulfilling the highest requirements in railway applications with a wide and innovative array of products from the Belden®, Hirschmann™, Lumberg Automation™, LEMO® brands. Whether high-speed trains, metros, subways or other rail our goal is to make sure our clients reach their goals in transport automation and monitoring – more quickly and more safely. In tunnels, in train stations or on the open track, we have the right solution for any network requirement and application.

Our products contribute to passenger safety, ensuring maximum availability based on resilient redundant technologies

Rail Solutions

Signaling technology

Train-to-ground communication

Video surveillance

Control Room


Utilities refer to the set of services provided by organizations (public or private) to deliver electricity, water, sewage, telecommunications and broadband internet services (both fixed-line and mobile).

JAYCOR provides essential infrastructure cabling products specific to the distribution of power, and also broadband fibre for telecom providers and Internet Service Providers.

More info on energy solutions and power distribution.

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