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Introducing Magnum 5RX Security Router

This ruggedized device delivers high-performance routing and advanced firewall function while ensuring network security. This is your moment to reduce total infrastructure costs, especially in high-volume deployments and highly distributed networks. Ultimate Performance and Reliability in a 2-in-1 Package Integrating advanced firewall security and routing in a fixed configuration, the Magnum 5RX Security Router provides […]

Upgrade: 100G Networks and Beyond with Installed-Base Multimode Fiber

Global IP traffic has been increasing rapidly in enterprise and consumer segments, driven by growing numbers of Internet users and connected devices, faster wireless and fixed broadband access, high-quality video streaming and social networking. Data centers are being built to support the more robust computing, storage and content delivery services these users require. Since 2016, […]

Fiber Infrastructure Deployment: Validate Link Budget

Prior to deploying a new fiber cabling infrastructure, or reusing the installed infrastructure, it’s vital to understand the link budget of the selected speed and transceivers in the new architecture, as well as the desired number of connections in each link. In new fiber infrastructure deployment, more stringent link budget specifications will need higher-quality passive optical components with […]

Budgeting Sufficient Power: Key to Future-proof Fiber Infrastructure

With the technology transformations happening in today’s enterprises, many types of organizations – from hotels and gaming facilities to schools and offices – are deploying new fiber cabling infrastructure. However, it’s crucial to understand the power budget of the new architecture, as well as the desired number of connections in each link. The power budget indicates the amount […]

Checkpoint 3: Optical Fiber Standards for Fiber Infrastructure Deployment

To reinforce the expanding cloud ecosystem, optical active component vendors have designed and commercialized new transceiver types under multi-source agreements (MSAs) for dissimilar data center types; standards bodies are incorporating these new variants into new standards development. For example, IEEE 802.3 taskforces are working on 50 Gbps- and 100 Gbps-per-lane technologies for next-generation Ethernet speeds from 50 […]

Using an Adaptor as a Single Connection – It’s Possible!

Pre-terminated solutions is an admired choice for the fixed portion of a cabling channel (reaching from the access switch patch panel to the server cabinet patch panel, for example) – and with good justification. Pre-terminated cable makes installation swifter and easier, with a plug-and-play methodology behind it. It can be installed by a wide variety of […]

Transmit Wireless Data at Speeds up to 867 Mbit/s

Nobody should pay for features they do not requiure. With the Hirschmann BAT867-R industrial wireless access point, you would not have to compromise performance for price. Space and budgets are limited. That is why the BAT867-R includes a refined set of features to help reduce the device’s size, as well as overall networking costs. BAT867-R Blends […]

Category Cables; Planning for Power Delivery

The utilisation of category cables for power delivery has been getting ample attention lately – especially given the amendment in NEC (2017), NFPA 70 (2017) and potentially CEC C22.1 (2017 proposed revisions). This attention is related to potential safety issues that may emerge when high power, high temperature and high cabling density are present. The National Fire Protection Association […]

LAN Cabling: Going Beyond Standards to Improve Capacity

Cabling standards exist for a purpose – it assists you get the most out of your networks. Many cabling solutions are designed to execute beyond what the standards specify. When standards for performance are set by groups like the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/IEC) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), […]

How to Earn LEED Materials & Resources Points for Green Buildings

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an ecology-oriented building certification program run under the auspices of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) When LEED v4 was launched in 2013, many changes came along with it. One of the major adjustments, in our opinion, has to do with an overhaul of the LEED Materials & Resources credits. […]