High-Speed Optical Links: Checkpoint 2 for Fiber Infrastructure Deployment

All the devices housed in today’s data centers – from virtualization equipment to storage devices – require cabling that provides high performance and flexibility. Because of this, distributing new fiber infrastructure in data centers demand  much thought and planning.

We advise keeping these four essential checkpoints in mind:

  1. Determine the active equipment I/O interface based on application types
  2. Choose optical link media based on reach and speed
  3. Verify optical fiber standards developed by standards bodies
  4. Validate optical link budget based on link distance and number of connection points

In a series of blogs – the first one published on March 23, 2017– we will cover each of these checkpoints in detail, describe current technology trends and the latest industry standards for data center applications. This blog covers checkpoint No. 2: choosing optical link media based on reach and speed.

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