HDBaseT: Let’s talk Convergence

There has been talk about convergence in the cabling world; some driven by new technology and market overlapping. Today’s system integrator has the ability to install a system that covers phones, computers, security, audio/video and also low-voltage power.

There are two types of convergence that we often discuss: technology and infrastructure.

Technology convergence uses a single network system, such as Ethernet, to support multiple devices. All of these devices share the same cable and active equipment. An example, you can now plug your desk phone and computer into the same telecom switch. Ethernet networks can support just about every aspect of communication, voice, data, security, building control and even AV applications. This is not the convergence we are talking about.   

Infrastructure convergence uses the same cable to support multiple systems. All sorts of devices connect to their own system using a common cabling system. The biggest type of communication cabling being used today is Ethenet category cable. While the entire system shares the same cable, the devices don’t speak the same language; therefore, they cannot communicate with each other. This system offers customers a universal, low cost-cabling system. But is it really the best solution for each application?

This article examines one version of this type of convergence: the use of category cabling for HDBaseT signals.

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