Cheap Patch Cords = POOR Return Loss and Near-End-Cross-Talk

In the quest to save money, it is common for network managers to consider low-quality, cheap alternative patch cords. But not all patch cords are created equal and cheap patch cords may not match standards, causing unwanted signal degradation.

As the number of network-connected devices continues to increase, the numbers of patch cords being used is also on the rise. This small component makes a big difference (and can potentially cause big problems) in network performance.

Low-quality, cheap patch cords are often the cause of reliability issues in high-speed channels. When something changes in the channel, the link need to be re-established. A cheap patch cord may dramatically change the channel, resulting in performance problems. If this type of cord is bumped or moved, a change in the channel occurs. The link drops, and the DSP must re-establish the link. One bad patch cord can cause performance delays for end-users, leading to frustration and network problems. Cheap patch cords can be the weakest link in a high-speed channel…full article

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