Cost Effective Industrial Wifi

Now available in stock – JAYCOR offers a complete end-to-end solution for cost-effective industrial/outdoor ruggedized Wifi. Purchase all components for a turnkey solution:

  • Wireless AP (Access Point)
  • Omni or directional antennas
  • Antenna (N-Type) & Ethernet (RJ45) patch cords
  • Antenna & Ethernet lighting surge protection
  • Din Rail /Wall Mount PoE Switches, Media Converters and SFP modules
  • Din Rail Power Supplies & cabtyre
  • Outdoor enclosure


Introducing Magnum 5RX Security Router

This ruggedized device delivers high-performance routing and advanced firewall function while ensuring network security. This is your moment to reduce total infrastructure costs, especially in high-volume deployments and highly distributed networks.

Ultimate Performance and Reliability in a 2-in-1 Package

Integrating advanced firewall security and routing in a fixed configuration, the Magnum 5RX Security Router provides current and legacy network interfaces and a valuable migration path to the new generation of network backbones. Features eight DB9-DTE serial ports along with standard six Gigabit Ethernet ports and one WAN (T1E1 or DDS) port.

  • Combined 2-in-1 solution
  • Ensures optimal performance
  • Total network support with Magnum series

GarrettCom Magnum 5RX Fixed Configuration Security Router offers a cost-efficient, two-in-one solution for industrial energy and utility applications.

The Magnum 5RX Security Router is a mid-level, industrial-grade security router serving the power generation, transmission and distribution markets by delivering an efficient edge-of-network solution.

Offering advanced routing and security capabilities in a single platform, the new router provides a natural migration path for customers planning a move to next-generation, high performance Gigabit Ethernet and Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) technology.

Combined two-in-one solution

  • Routing and security functionalities in a single device for streamlined management
  • Fixed configuration for a cost-effective system, especially in highly distributed deployment scenarios

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Transmit Wireless Data at Speeds up to 867 Mbit/s

Nobody should pay for features they do not requiure. With the Hirschmann BAT867-R industrial wireless access point, you would not have to compromise performance for price. Space and budgets are limited. That is why the BAT867-R includes a refined set of features to help reduce the device’s size, as well as overall networking costs.

BAT867-R Blends High-Performance with Cost-Effectiveness

Its rugged design, compact size and select feature set help you maximize efficiency and performance. The BAT867-R wireless access point is ideal for industrial settings where space and budgets are limited, such as discrete automation and machine building settings.

  • Enables high-speed data transmission up to 867 Mbit/s
  • Meets IEEE11ac standard
  • Provides reliable wireless capabilities from tablets/smartphones
  • Allows wireless connectivity for moving vehicle to improve warehouse efficiency

Transmit data efficiently – up to 867 megabits per second (Mbps) – with the BAT867-R industrial wireless access point. This device supports high-speed IEEE 802.11ac data rates, making it the fastest wireless device in Belden’s portfolio.

By only including the essential interfaces, Hirschmann offers a cost-effective, high-speed solution. You also have access to extensive management, redundancy and security functions with Hirschm

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Demystify and Optimize Industrial Wi-Fi

Are you new to industrial Wi-Fi and worried about perceived reliability issues?

Companies are concerned that wireless local area networks (WLANs) are unreliable or only available for (or useful with) new equipment and state-of-the-art applications. Wireless technologies are no longer a luxury or bonus. They’re mandatory for modern industrial networking. As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) drives changes on the factory floor, wireless infrastructure is the central nervous system that keeps everything functioning.

Today’s Optimised Industrial Wi-Fi – Built to Meet Your Network’s Demands

Before high-speed Wi-Fi became ubiquitous, transmitting data without physical connections seemed like science fiction. In many industrial applications, Wi-Fi feels more like the villain instead of the hero of that story. The promise of the IIoT never seems satisfied because of unpredictable and unreliable connections as more connected applications come to the factory floor.

Today’s factories are rewriting that story by investing in better Wi-Fi optimisation. Too often, faulty connectivity is caused by building an industrial WLAN with consumer-grade components. If a power drill you buy at the local Wal-Mart can’t hold up for use on the factory floor, why should we expect an off-the-shelf wireless router to deliver reliable results?

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Switching to M12 L-coded Power Connectors and what it Signifies for You

As multiple factory machines are connected through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), companies could soon bolt into a major problem. have you felt this shift: the promise of refined productivity from these connected machines producing more data demands additional power and space on your factory floor.

That is why the M12 L-coded Power Connectors have been selected by the PROFINET User Organization as the new standard for 24-volt power supply systems used in PROFINET devices. In the current PROFINET guideline “PROFINET Cabling and Interconnection Technology,” two round connectors with screw connections are specified for the 24-volt power supply, in addition to a push-pull rectangular connector.

This new guideline, scheduled for publication in April 2017, will replace these two variants with the L-coded M12 Power Connectors.  M12 L-coded Power Connectors are an extension of the current IEC standards. The most important thing  about these connectors is that they are smaller than the common market-standard of 7/8”, while delivering more power.

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Is Industrial Wireless Technology Dependable for Your Operations?

Wireless technology is entwined with daily life. Chances are, you’re reading this very post on a smartphone, laptop or tablet connected to Wi-Fi, right? Before that, you likely perrused your email, favourite news sites or other sources of information without giving a second thought.

The days of landlines and DSL have mostly faded from our daily lives.

If you are reading this in an office setting – on a desktop computer or a docked laptop – you are still “plugged-in” to a wired internet connection.

In an age where you can turn your home thermostat up while you’re sitting kilometres away in your office, why are businesses so reluctant to take advantage of these advances, especially in industrial settings?

Often, it comes down to one thing: reliability.

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The Unsung Hero of Rail Communication – Industrial Cable

The transportation industry, unlike several other critical industrial operations, has the unique position of directly engaging with its passengers and keeping them happy and safe. Any delays in a transportation system not only lead to lost revenue but also a trickle-down effect of annoyed commuters, who can choose to spend their transportation budget someplace else.

Having nightmares about train delays, safety issues or interrupted passenger services? Customers are easily annoyed by issues, like inaccurate travel information, missed connections or lack of Wi-Fi.

Unless you oversee the overall operations of a railway system or you’re in charge of specifying a new or upgraded application– the reliability of the railway communication network rests on your shoulders. No matter your function in building out a proper Ethernet network, it can be easy to fall into the trap of focusing your attention on the “glossy” or more exciting components, like switches and routers. The duty those devices play can be exciting to discuss and debate – trust us, we get it!

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Industrial Ethernet Switches Update Substations to IEC 61850

Hirshmann-Industrial-Ethernet-Switches-in-SubstationElectric energy operators around the world are working to increase reliability, resiliency and capacity with smart investments in new technologies. This includes Stadtwerke Karlsruhe Netzservice GmbH (SWKN), the municipal utility that provides electricity, gas, water and heating to the 300,000 inhabitants of the city of Karlsruhe in southwestern Germany.