How Cabling Parameters Impact DSP

When dealing with subpar cable and patch cords, it can be frustrating to locate what can cause dropped links – and ultimately downtime and business interruption. When cables aren’t constructed appropriately, performance can be impacted by movement, such as being knocked or bumped, or even frequent moves, adds and changes.

In these situations, return loss of the patch cord can be changed to a point to invalidate the digital signal processing (DSP), or echo cancellation, and cause the link to go down until a new set of parameters is calculated.

As the demands for signal transmission continue to increase, and the tolerance for downtime continues to diminish, the issue of maintaining characteristic impedance for cable becomes even more important.

Keep the Eye Clean

Designers of digital systems often look at the digital signal on an oscilloscope to view its eye pattern. An eye pattern is obtained by superimposing actual waveforms for large numbers of transmitted or received symbols. Eye patterns are used to estimate the bit error rate and the signal-to-noise ratio.

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