Cable Braid Design: The significant Factor in New 4K Coax Cable

There is a revolution transpiring with 4K coax cable design. We outlined factors which set new 4K coax cable design apart (silver-coated copper center conductors, the insulation, polyethylene types and foil shields bonded to the core). Then we concluded our post by promising to tell you about the last remaining factor that sets new 4K coax cable designs apart from the others: the cable braid in 12 GHz 4K design.

Learn more about the most difficult part of the journey to a new 4K coax cable design …

Cable Braid Performance

After the first foil, which a braid layer with 95% coverage – the most coverage possible in a single cable braid. Enhacing cable braid performance is one of the most difficult aspects of creating a new 4K coax design.

If you look at the impedance of the cable (return loss), old designs have a bunch of spikes at different frequencies. These are caused by the dimensions of the braid, the relationship between the individual conductors, how the cable braids are woven with each other, the angle at which they cross each other (braid angle) and lots of other factors.

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