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Ethernet Trends for Data Centre Technology

40G and 100G Ethernet technology is no longer a distant vision for data centers – it is reality. As data centers of all types continue to expand in terms of traffic and size, 100G is set to become the new standard for high bandwidth and intelligent architecture. It will take some time to develop industry-wide, but 100G […]

The Unsung Hero of Rail Communication – Industrial Cable

The transportation industry, unlike several other critical industrial operations, has the unique position of directly engaging with its passengers and keeping them happy and safe. Any delays in a transportation system not only lead to lost revenue but also a trickle-down effect of annoyed commuters, who can choose to spend their transportation budget someplace else. Having nightmares about […]

Additional Wireless Access Points: What It Means for Networks

Ordinarily users will bring up to three devices with them – a smartphone, tablet and laptop, for instance – that will all connect to your network the minute you walks through your doors. (The average U.S. consumer now has 3.64 devices.) These devices are continuously downloading updates, receiving emails and synching to cloud-based storage. According to Dell’Oro, the […]