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Ethernet Switch Evolution: High Speed Interfaces

Technology development has always been driven by emerging applications: big data, Internet of Things, machine learning, public and private clouds, augmented reality, 800G Ethernet, etc. Merchant Silicon switch ASIC chip development is an excellent example of that golden rule.   OIF’s Common Electrical Interface Development The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) is the standards body – a nonprofit industry organization – that […]

6 IoT Examples: The Internet of Things in Real Life

Even with all the talk about Internet of Things (IoT), it can be hard to come up with IoT examples that translate the concept to reality. Who is using it? Who is benefitting from it? How is it actually working for enterprises right now? Without a doubt, IoT will bring more devices to your network […]

Achieving Solid Link Performance and Desired Link Distances with Singlemode Fiber

Having all new technologies and products available in the data center market, it is beneficial to plan in advance for potential amendments and upgrades. No matter which option you carry out, low-loss, high-bandwidth fiber cable used in conjunction with low-loss fiber connectors will always provide solid link performance and desired link distances with the number of connections […]

The Right DC Supply Chain Can Improve Speed to Market

Trasfering capacity online faster, without sacrificing reliability or performance, is crucial for hyperscale and colocation data center projects, as providers and tenants continue to require additional equipment to support their growing infrastructure. Recently reflecting on a panel discussion at last year’s CAPRE San Francisco Data Center Summit, which covered the top three things on the minds of […]

Time Sensitive Networking – 3 Benefits it Will Bring to Railway Communication

As demand for mass transit expands in densely populated urban areas, so do passenger demands for more entertainment, on-time delivery and safety. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and impending technologies like Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) are making this feasible. TSN is a novel technology, currently in development at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), […]

How Cabling Parameters Impact DSP

When dealing with subpar cable and patch cords, it can be frustrating to locate what can cause dropped links – and ultimately downtime and business interruption. When cables aren’t constructed appropriately, performance can be impacted by movement, such as being knocked or bumped, or even frequent moves, adds and changes. In these situations, return loss of […]

Introducing Magnum 5RX Security Router

This ruggedized device delivers high-performance routing and advanced firewall function while ensuring network security. This is your moment to reduce total infrastructure costs, especially in high-volume deployments and highly distributed networks. Ultimate Performance and Reliability in a 2-in-1 Package Integrating advanced firewall security and routing in a fixed configuration, the Magnum 5RX Security Router provides […]

Upgrade: 100G Networks and Beyond with Installed-Base Multimode Fiber

Global IP traffic has been increasing rapidly in enterprise and consumer segments, driven by growing numbers of Internet users and connected devices, faster wireless and fixed broadband access, high-quality video streaming and social networking. Data centers are being built to support the more robust computing, storage and content delivery services these users require. Since 2016, […]

Fiber Infrastructure Deployment: Validate Link Budget

Prior to deploying a new fiber cabling infrastructure, or reusing the installed infrastructure, it’s vital to understand the link budget of the selected speed and transceivers in the new architecture, as well as the desired number of connections in each link. In new fiber infrastructure deployment, more stringent link budget specifications will need higher-quality passive optical components with […]

Budgeting Sufficient Power: Key to Future-proof Fiber Infrastructure

With the technology transformations happening in today’s enterprises, many types of organizations – from hotels and gaming facilities to schools and offices – are deploying new fiber cabling infrastructure. However, it’s crucial to understand the power budget of the new architecture, as well as the desired number of connections in each link. The power budget indicates the amount […]