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Easy, Cost-Effective Way to Add Power with Industrial PoE Injectors

PoE Injectors can appease the growing power demands of energy-hungry devices in applications like physical security, transportation and automation – all in one device. High-efficiency, low-waste power Plug-and-play installation Up to 240W of power from 8 ports For recently developed or retrofit applications in need of maximum power without device limitations, these Power over Ethernet […]

10 Factors to consider when Choosing a Rack PDU

In it’s simplicity, rack power distribution units (PDUs) are designed to provide electrical protection and distribute power to networking equipment within racks/cabinets. As the needs and requirements of data centers altar, so do options for rack PDU performance. There are several questions to consider before selecting rack PDUs that will work well for your data […]

Which is Right for You: 40G vs 100G Ethernet?

Companies like as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook started their migration toward 100G in 2015 – and smaller enterprise data centers are now following suit. Plenty of these new 100G deployments adopt a singlemode fiber solution for longer reach that best suits their hyperscale data center architectures. Comparing 40G vs. 100G optical transceivers currently available in […]

Cabling Demands for Digital Buildings

2017 to be the year of the digital building, and there has certainly been progress in this direction as predicted. In fact, according to Deloitte, sensor deployment in commercial buildings could potentially grow by 79% between 2015 and 2020. Support for Internet of Things (IoT) is growing, bringing standalone building systems onto one platform. As all these […]

Expectation for Fiber Connectivity: Layer 0

The footprints of cloud data centers continue to increase substantially to accommodate massive amounts of servers and switches. To support sustainable business growth, many Web 2.0 companies, such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, have decided to deploy 100G Ethernet using single mode optics-based infrastructure in their new data centers. According to LightCounting and Dell’Oro, 100G transceiver module […]

IP-Based Systems and PoE in Digital Buildings

Digital buildings, smart buildings, intelligent buildings, connected buildings – no matter what you name them, the sentiment is the same: A building with devices and systems that are designed to collect and share data to run as efficiently as possible without human intervention. IP-based systems – also known as networked systems – are what make […]

Single-Pair Ethernet Cabling: Four New Applications

Four New Types of Single-Pair Ethernet Cabling For years, Ethernet cabling has used four twisted pairs to carry data without worrying about noise in data lines. Recent developments in IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet Working Group) and TIA TR-42(Telecommunications Cabling Systems Engineering Committee) has unveiled four standards projects which may change that; instead of four balanced twisted-pairs cabling, these standards feature a single balanced twisted-pair Ethernet cabling. Of these four, […]

Data Centre Audits: What’s the Difference?

There are numerous things to “audit” inside a data center in order to keep it operating at peak performance. When your team starts talking about a data center audit, make sure you know your options. Depending on your goals, and what you hope to accomplish, there are several varieties of data center audits that be […]

DCIM/AIM Webinar – 24th Jan 11AM SAST

DCIM/AIM Software & Hardware Solution – Belden PatchPro® 24th January @ 11am SAST (South African Standard Time) Join Wolfgang Schröder and Christos Birbilis from Belden to learn more about PatchPro®, Belden Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software and Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) hardware solutions. PatchPro®Infrastructure DCIM/AIM solution works with PatchPro® hardware to achieve transparency and accuracy in complex, demanding […]

Better, Faster, Cheaper Ethernet: The Road From 100G to 800G

Worldwide IP traffic has been increasing immensely in the enterprise and consumer division, driven by growing numbers of Internet users, as well as growing numbers of connected devices that provide faster wireless and fixed broadband access, high-quality video streaming and social networking capabilities. Data centers are expanding globally to support computing, storage and content delivery […]