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JAYCOR Enterprise Solutions

JAYCOR Enterprise Solutions deliver key management services for the physical layer infrastructure, and balance and accelerate performance at the application layer. Watch this space to learn more about our #PatchPro #iPLM intelligent physical layer management, #DCIM data center infrastructure management, #snapt #loadbalancer, web accelerator, and #WAF solutions offerings.

Map, Track and Create Connections in Granular Detail with PatchPro®

DCIM – Data Center Infrastructure Management A Great Solution with a Strong IT Focus Versus Traditional DCIM Patchpro® I – Infrastructure Connection Manager Administer your facilities assets and power usage effectiveness, coupled with unprecedented visualization and access to your network architecture, connectivity, and components: Visualize and access racks, inventory and free rack units Front and […]

A Genius Tool for Effective Facilities Management – PatchPro®

PatchPro® F – iPLM Infrastructure Physical Layer Management Design, Build & Manage your Enterprise and Data Centre in Granular Detail iPLM View The iPLM View enables the user to access and visualize all objects, their attributes and cost centre’s within the entire facility: All infrastructure (shown per floor) Power distribution DB Boards Cabling, routes, and […]

IoT is Here to Stay: The Evolution of Converged Networks

Lately, I’ve been reminded of a quote that’s often attributed to Charles Darwin: “… It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives, but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it […]

1080p Full HD 802.11n Wireless Interactive Presentation Gateway

PLANET WIPG-300H adopting IEEE 802.11n dual-band wireless technology brings smooth display through the 300Mbps high-speed wireless connection or the wired 100Mbps Fast Ethernet connection to project the screen of desktop PC, Mac or smartphone to make the professional and interactive presentation. Intelligent 1080p Full HD Wireless Projection The WIPG-300H can optimize resolution based on the […]

Cost Effective Industrial Wifi

Now available in stock – JAYCOR offers a complete end-to-end solution for cost-effective industrial/outdoor ruggedized Wifi. Purchase all components for a turnkey solution: Wireless AP (Access Point) Omni or directional antennas Antenna (N-Type) & Ethernet (RJ45) patch cords Antenna & Ethernet lighting surge protection Din Rail /Wall Mount PoE Switches, Media Converters and SFP modules […]

How PatchPro® Works

The key point is the Database The Database sends all information / changes to the raphical user interface (GUI) through CADVANCE and or AutoCAD The advantage of PatchPro is that you can manipulate the database by using the GUI which is quicker and easier The Database and the GUI are connected. Objects changed on the […]

Empower your Data Centre Collocation Customers with PatchPro® Web

Real-time Online Access to Hosted Infrastructure PatchPro® Web application provides a collocation data centre’s clients access to their hosted infrastructure, online through a user-friendly web interface. An amazing tool for empowering DC customers to access and view their network infrastructure, servers and other devices. View free ports and rack units, create patch or cross-connects between […]

JAYCOR – CEO announcement

JAYCOR International (Pty) Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Pokroy, age 37, as the Company’s new CEO. Greg joined JAYCOR in 2002 and began his career in sales, learning the products and business from the ground up. Greg moved to Cape Town in 2005 to begin developing client relationships in the Western […]

High-Speed Optical Links: Checkpoint 2 for Fiber Infrastructure Deployment

All the devices housed in today’s data centers – from virtualization equipment to storage devices – require cabling that provides high performance and flexibility. Because of this, distributing new fiber infrastructure in data centers demand  much thought and planning. We advise keeping these four essential checkpoints in mind: Determine the active equipment I/O interface based on application types […]