Aria ADC Architecture

Snapt Aria ADC Architecture

Since 2011 Snapt’s network load balancer has enabled uptime, scalability and security for companies of all sizes including NASA, Intel, Cisco and Target.

North-South Architecture

Aria is primarily a per-environment (north-south) network load balancer that competes within the traditional network/virtual load balancer market and is used by IT Ops, infrastructure and network professionals.

Powerful Network Load Balancer

The Aria load balancer operates between your network and traffic from external clients. It distributes the load between your network servers or compute resources to maintain application uptime and performance.

Web Accelerator

The Aria load balancer comes with a Web Accelerator. The Aria web accelerator caches, compresses and minifies content to improve response times, and provides SSL/TLS offloading to reduce the compute load on your servers. Give your end users a faster web and application experience.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Our WAF is deployed as part of our Aria load balancer and can be network-based, host-based or cloud-based. The WAF protects your network and layer 7 traffic against traffic, bots, scripts and data leaks and other harmful exploits.

GSLB – Global Server Load Balancer

The GSLB operates between your domain and traffic from external clients, and between multiple server locations. It provides location-based routing, distributes traffic across multiple data centers, and provides automatic failover between sites.

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