How PatchPro® Works

The key point is the Database

  • The Database sends all information / changes to the raphical user interface (GUI) through CADVANCE and or AutoCAD
  • The advantage of PatchPro is that you can manipulate the database by using the GUI which is quicker and easier
  • The Database and the GUI are connected. Objects changed on the system update in real-time

Key attributes of PatchPro® Software Solutions

Comprehensive technical functionality – both in the Facilities as well as in Data Centres.

  • Graphical User Interface’s (GUI) display:
  • Entire Facility & Multiple Site
  • Data Centre/s
  • Rack View/s
  • Open System (API) and database architecture

Empower your Data Centre Collocation Customers with PatchPro® Web

Real-time Online Access to Hosted Infrastructure

PatchPro® Web application provides a collocation data centre’s clients access to their hosted infrastructure, online through a user-friendly web interface. An amazing tool for empowering DC customers to access and view their network infrastructure, servers and other devices. View free ports and rack units, create patch or cross-connects between devices and send workorders direct to the NOC.

The results:

  • Provide Visibility
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Empower Customers

Web Features

Front (and back) and rear (and back) views provide full visibility of all hosted infrastructure within the rack.

– user level access restricts collocations customers from accessing and viewing other customers infrastructure.

Side rack view provides visibility in ensuring no conflicting space requirements apply, when adding additional hardware components.

Visualize connections in granular detail:

– Connected/open ports (front and back) visually

– All connected devices

– Export to Excel/Visio

Customers manage their infrastructure and connectivity

– Components (Servers, switches, SFP’s)

– Create Connections (Patches & Cross-Connects)

Access unique attributes for all connected devices

Additional Benefits of PatchPro® SaaS

  • SaaS (Software as a service)
    • No capital investment in licensing, hardware, staff and training required to execute
    • Contract based on your scope of work and customized for your requirements and budget
  • Open API

Other Modules (Included)

  • PactchPro® F – Facilities Manager
    • Infrastructure physical Layer management (iPLM)
  • PatchPro®I – Infrastructure Connection Manager
    • Data Centre Infrastructure management (DCIM)
    • Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM)
  • PatchPro® SPM Web
    • Service Plan Manager/Asset Managment


Greg Pokroy

CEO – JAYCOR International

Enhance Performance, Productivity and Well-being with Human-Centric PoE LED Lighting

Power over Ethernet (PoE) makes it easier and more cost efficient to power all the “things” that make up Internet of Things and smart buildings. Why? Because, with PoE, powering these devices doesn’t require a power connection and a data connection. Through a single category cable, both power and data can be delivered to a device.

Prior to PoE, these systems may have been able to come together over one IP network for improved control and monitoring, but they still required separate data and electrical connections, as well as proximity to electrical outlets.

Over the past few years, PoE power levels have been increasing – starting at 15W and growing to 30W and 60W. Today, itp’s possible to deliver 100W of power plus data over a single cable. PoE standards are also changing to support higher power levels. IEEE 802.3bt, which is currently under development, calls for 4-pair power delivery to improve efficiency and support complex devices. It also calls for two power variants: Type 3 (60W) and Type 4 (100W).

These higher wattages allow devices like point-of-sale registers, digital signage displays and PTZ surveillance cameras to take advantage of PoE. LED lighting systems can also now connect to the network via a PoE cable.

Connecting LED lighting systems to the network via PoE offers many benefits. Each fixture can utilize a standard RJ45 connector and have its own IP address for individual monitoring and control. Through integrated sensors, LED fixtures transform into smart lighting systems that collect data on occupancy, temperature, daylight, etc. and make changes in lighting levels accordingly.

Who Benefits from PoE LED Lighting?

Although any facility can be a candidate for PoE LED lighting, healthcare facilities are noticing major improvements due to the impact it has on staff productivity and patient care and recovery.

PoE LED lighting offers a human-centric approach to lighting, recognizing that lighting can positively or negatively impact people. Lighting conditions can either disrupt or sync our circadian rhythms, which are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. A human-centric approach to lighting means that it can be controlled to enhance performance, productivity and well-being.

In healthcare facilities, for example, fluorescent fixtures can be replaced with PoE LED fixtures that can be dimmed, color tuned and set to specific schedules. This not only improves sleep patterns for patients, decreases falls and reduces disruptive behavior (such as agitation or anger), but also lowers energy costs.

Installation and Deployment Challenges

There are certain challenges to keep in mind when deploying PoE LED lighting. For example, selecting the right option to power your LED lighting through the Ethernet network – either through centralized PoE, distributed/in-ceiling switches or a gateway – is crucial to ensuring that the system functions as expected and offers all promised benefits.

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JAYCOR – CEO announcement

JAYCOR International (Pty) Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Pokroy, age 37, as the Company’s new CEO.

Greg joined JAYCOR in 2002 and began his career in sales, learning the products and business from the ground up. Greg moved to Cape Town in 2005 to begin developing client relationships in the Western and Eastern Cape regions, and later established JAYCOR’s Cape Town branch in 2010.

Over the last decade, Greg has played a strategic role in the growth, development and modernisation of the business, responsible for refining JAYCOR’s technology infrastructure, systems, operational processes and business development. Greg was also pivotal in successfully rebranding the business, launching the innovative smart e-commerce platform and spear-heading the Enterprise division and PatchPro® SaaS service.

The Board is excited to have Greg as CEO and we wish him great success in his new role.