3 Advantages of Electronic Cable Miniaturization for Machine Building

Evolution of electronic cable is similar to the evolution of technology in general – everything is certainly getting smaller.It’s transpiring in almost every industry. It’s happening all around us.

Industrial manufacturing is no different. In the manufacturing setting it’s called miniaturization. Customers are requesting the benefits of smaller machines and smaller devices and machine builders are listening.

Why? Because machine builders know their customers plan the plant floor the way a casino plans its layout. Every slot machine taking up space on the casino floor must earn back that space by bringing in a return on the investment. But what if a new design for smaller slot machines meant casinos could fit 10 more slot machines in the room? This would mean more income. The same goes for the plant floor. With smaller machines and devices, comes enhanced efficiency and cost savings.

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Understanding Alien Crosstalk

The industry has been forecasting the expansion of 10GBASE-T for years, and has finally occurred. More networks are planning 10G migrations. Why? Due to demand from more advanced devices, users and applications.

New concerns come into play with this Ethernet standard. Alien crosstalk – the interference caused by wire pairs in one cable inducing noise into other wire pairs in adjacent cables – is the transmission parameter that has remarkable impact on 10GBASE-T performance.

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What Industrial Automation Teams May Learn from Soccer Stadiums: A Q&A with Ute Decker

While they do not look like traditional industrial settings, outdoor sporting venues face grim, environmental conditions to utility and manufacturing sites. The similarities do not end there. The communication in these stadiums is also considered mission-critical – ensuring patrons not only have a delightful experience during the game but that they enter the arena in a systematic, timely and secure demeanour.

To accommodate the growing numbers of fans at sporting events, stadiums need a quick, reliable and robust network communication structure that can operate under grinding conditions, such as extreme temperatures and exposure to moisture, noise and vibration. The ability of sporting venues to withstand these conditions, while also quickly transferring large quantities of data, is critical for avoiding lengthy lines, improving visitor safety and seamlessly broadcasting the games to viewers worldwide.

Belden recently worked with VfB Stuttgart, one of the largest soccer stadiums in Germany, to upgrade its communication infrastructure for better grip of the entire sporting facility. Below, find my answers to several questions about this project, the importance of data speed and network reliability in sports facilities, and the crucial role that industrial automation can play in these non-traditional environments.

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Demystify and Optimize Industrial Wi-Fi

Are you new to industrial Wi-Fi and worried about perceived reliability issues?

Companies are concerned that wireless local area networks (WLANs) are unreliable or only available for (or useful with) new equipment and state-of-the-art applications. Wireless technologies are no longer a luxury or bonus. They’re mandatory for modern industrial networking. As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) drives changes on the factory floor, wireless infrastructure is the central nervous system that keeps everything functioning.

Today’s Optimised Industrial Wi-Fi – Built to Meet Your Network’s Demands

Before high-speed Wi-Fi became ubiquitous, transmitting data without physical connections seemed like science fiction. In many industrial applications, Wi-Fi feels more like the villain instead of the hero of that story. The promise of the IIoT never seems satisfied because of unpredictable and unreliable connections as more connected applications come to the factory floor.

Today’s factories are rewriting that story by investing in better Wi-Fi optimisation. Too often, faulty connectivity is caused by building an industrial WLAN with consumer-grade components. If a power drill you buy at the local Wal-Mart can’t hold up for use on the factory floor, why should we expect an off-the-shelf wireless router to deliver reliable results?

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One plug, eight cable outlets

Adjustable right angle connector for cable snagging prevention

The Anglissimo ™ plug from LEMO® is an eight-in-one plug that can be modified by the user to all space constraints.

Thanks to our patent-pending technology, you can choose the best cable outlet need for your application even after the soldering process by yourself.

This new elbow connector design allows to attune and position the connector in an efficient way in order to prevent cable snagging.

Each connector can be orientated during its assembly and enables 8 positions. The connector remains securely positioned in its orientation.

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Understanding TSN? Understand Its Role in Future Ethernet Networks

Following new trends and technologies, you’ve possibly been hearing a lot about time sensitive networking (TSN). It’s a relatively new technology, have you been wondering, “what is TSN?” and “why does it concern my company?”

As you may have read in this previous post about TSN, this new technology transforms standard Ethernet from an “I’ll get it there as soon as I can” communications technology to one that provides timing assurance for mission-critical applications. Now, you can achieve an entirely new level of determinism in IEEE 802.1 and IEEE 802.3 Ethernet networks.

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3 Ways Data Centers Can Use CFD Modeling

You might of heard about computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling when it comes to the design of high-performance Formula 1 racecars. By using CFD modeling to maximize down-flow forces while minimizing friction – for the racecar body and smaller “wings and struts” – Formula 1 produces a winning combination.

In a similar manner, CFD can be utilised in today’s data centers during design, capacity planning, troubleshooting and day-to-day operations. It can be used to properly develop the best design and operations solutions throughout the entire data center ecosystem, from the micro environment (chips) to enclosure environments (cabinets and containment) to the macro environment (computer white space and the entire data center hall).

Here are three ways in which your data center ecosystem can benefit from CFD.

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Minimize Complexity with Port Monitoring: A substitute to Port Replication

IT managers frequently face new challenges as they have no choice but to migrate to next-generation, faster networking infrastructure.

Managing fiber infrastructure has become a mundane undertaking as fiber counts increase. Connectivity agility needs to be brought about from Day One to support future network reconfiguration and upgrade cycles.

What is Port Replication?

In many mission-critical applications, a backup link is required in addition to the primary link to ensure high service availability.

Port replication on active networking gear can provide highly reliable networking service that allows fast troubleshooting for connection issues and minimizes system downtime. In this scenario, the system has 100% redundancy; server and switch port usage is reduced to 50%. Additional cable and floor space can add to overall system costs.

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Halo LED connector

Halo LED Connector for Connection Status

LEMO launches its first IAC – intelligent active connector line – embedded with a special chip to help maintain secure connections in medical, aerospace/military and other critical applications. LEMO’s new IAC connector uses its Halo LED technology to indicate connection status.

The LEMO halo LED connector conprises of a LED lighted flange to display connection status. The product is well matched with existing 1B, 1K and 2K series. The connector is available in crimp or solder contact versions.


–Display connection status

–Push-Pull connector

–Innovative functionalities


–IP50 / IP68

–Various colours available: red, blue, white, green

–Robust construction

–High insulating properties of PEEK insulator

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